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The Geomatic Variables API offers a unified API for accessing a wide range of data from difference sources and also across different countries. So whether you need company data, property data, or something else, the API offers a single way to get it.

Here you will find the following information:

Data Universes

A data universe is a collection of related variables that are often used together.

You can browse the data universes below, to see what data is available. Under each universe you will also find examples for how to use the API to access data within the particular universe.

If you cannot find the data you are looking for, or if the provided examples do not cover your needs, then please contact us. We may still have what you need, but just not gotten around to documenting it here.



Matchers (Geocoding & Wash)

Through the API we provide access to the following matchers. Matchers are also often used in specific data universes where their usage is described.



Getting Access

Create a Conzoom Account

To use the API you need a conzoom account. It is best to create/use an account specifically for calling the API, rather than using a personal account for accessing our web applications on apps.conzoom.eu. The email address that you use for the account, should preferably not be a personal mail. You can create an account here.

Your newly created account will not have permissions to call the API. You need to get your Geomatic contact to assign the appropriate rights to your account, so contact him or her with your username. In case you do not have a specific contact, then you can use the contact form here.

Next, your technical people need your account details to call the API. They can read the authentication section for how to do this.

Forgotten password

You can recover/change your password from here.